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Are you disappointed with a poor ranking on your content? Did not know how to do it? Feeling confused in search engine optimization? Looking for a better guide to increase your content ranking? If yes, then this material is perfect for you guys.

Search engine optimization


Advancements in technologies advance many content creators in the field. So, they are many websites with many content.

Websites with really good content fail to rank. Search engine optimization is another key to content success to reach more people.

Search engine optimization is commonly referred to as an SEO analysis, and can be done in more ways for better results. Let us see some ways to increase the ranking.

Providing plagiarism-free content will attract new readers to read new cool stuff that is not even found on top rated sites.
Originality has been the key to success in the field of writing.

Writing is an art, and one who is doing it by himself is an artist

It is always better to be an artist than to be a copycat at the top spot in sites.

Material Quality:

There are more methods available in search engine optimization to rank our content. But there is no option that can be used for quality material.

Search engine optimization

Readers are eager to analyze the quality of the content before going to its depth. Content with higher ratings and lower quality content is initially avoided by most users.

Focus Keywords:

Using a focus keyword will strengthen the ranking of our content in addition to content free of plagiarism.
And it is better to select a focus keyword that has multiple phrases.
For example, the keyword is electrical engineering jobs. It also attracts phrases such as electrical engineering carriers and vice versa.

Search engine optimization

There is also an added benefit when we use our keywords at the beginning of the title and many times as subheading of keywords in bold or italic or even increase the ranking.


Not all content needs to be updated. But still, there are some materials that actually require regular updates or updates after some interval.
Vaccines and other related material like Kovid require regular updates to increase the ranking of the website.
If the sites fail to do so, the ranking will be unimaginable for them.


It is generally data about that particular material. Metadata is classified into three different types,

  • Title Metadata.
  • Description Metadata.
  • Keyword Metadata.

Title Metadata:

Title metadata is usually the title of the content that should be shown in search engine results.

Description Metadata:

Description metadata is similar to title metadata. Used to display a description of the material under the heading.

A good metadata statement consists of two Seconds. In An attractive way to attract content to more people

Keyword Metadata:

Adding 3-7 keyword phrases is appropriate. And each phrase with a word limit of 3-4.

contact :

Instead of using clicks or other irrelevant words in the URL. The use of keywords and related words in the URL will increase ranking in search engine results. And it also attracts more screen readers to watch the count.

Alt Image:

Authors can describe their visual content such as images or videos by completely converting them to tags. The use of alt tags will improve ranking in search engine results.


And some other ways are internal links, external links, repetition of keywords, etc…

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