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  • An interface between Linux systems and users
  • Used to call commands and programs
  • The interpreter
  • Powerful programming language
    • “Shell scripts” = bat.cmd
  • Many available (bsh; ksh; csh; bash; tsh)

Definition of shell

  • A shell is any program that takes input from the user, translates it into a directive that the operating system can understand, and returns the output of the operating system to the user.
  • Ie any user interface
  • Character Based vs Graphic Based

Why do I care about Shell?

  • Shell is not an integral part of OS
  • UNIX first to separate
  • GUI is not required
  • Default shell can be configured
  • Helps to adapt to the environment

Some important environmental variables

  • Home: Your Home Directory
  • TERM: the type of terminal you are running
  • PWD: Current Working Directory
  • PATH: List of directories to search for commands

File permissions

  • Every file
    • Owned by someone
    • Belong to a group
    • Owners, groups and others have certain permission
    • Unmask Defined Permissions

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