Smile: Wake up with a beautiful smile to live a healthy life


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Life is a mirror. What we want to be outside must first be inside. Therefore, if we want a beautiful day, we should wake up with a face with a beautiful smile, a heart with unconditional love, and a mind that has brilliant ideas. The most effective way is with our morning. Your morning can bring you happiness, prosperity on one side and sadness on the other side. Try to wake up with a beautiful smile on your face and have a great day ahead.

Right in front of my bed is a big picture of words like ‘Thank You’, ‘Dream Big’, ‘Kind’, ‘Magic’, ‘Smile’. As I wake up these words, my mind fills up. My body clock wakes me up at 5:30 am and there is ‘confirmation’ in my music system. As I started to play ‘I am a magnet for miracles’, ‘I like to enjoy success, whether it is mine or others’, as soon as I think. Start your day with some sad words like my day is not good, today something bad will happen. Keep positive thinking in the morning.

When we wake up, we are at the peak of the ecstatic level that is too powerful for messages to enter our subconscious. Therefore, affirmation, meditation, caring for your dogs, or just smiling is an effective way to attract a miracle. Stop blaming external chaos to maintain inner peace. Exercising in the morning increases your energy level which makes your day full of energy.

Stay positive on smile

I try to avoid movies, news, fighting others, looking at my phone, drugging or causing chaos as I wake up. Mind is the ultimate limit and if you believe it, then life will be in the palms of your alchemist. Mobile may not harm you but it will increase your morning excitement.

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