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Who is sophia

Sofia is First AI Humanoid Robot. It is a social human robot. David Hanson was the inventor of Sophia. It was developed by the Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. On 14 February 2016, Sophia was commissioned for the first time. The first public appearance by Sophia was made in the month of March 2016 by the Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, United States.

Sofia was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia in October 2017. She was the first robot to obtain citizenship in any country. He was named the first innovation champion of the United Nations Development Program in November 2017. She is the first non-human to receive a UN title.

Some features of Sophia

Sophia’s robotic structure features a chat system, scripting software, and AI systems designed for general logic. Sophia is capable of creating around 60 natural facial expressions. There are cameras in his eyes and algorithms that allow him to see faces so that he can match eyes with anyone. She can also understand the speech and remember the conversation and the face as well. And these qualities will let him become smarter over time. Its speech synthesis capability is provided by Cereproc’s text-to-speech engine. It also allows him to sing. Sophia’s intelligence software is an AI program that analyzes interactions and extracts data that allows it to improve responses.

Sophia is designed as a suitable companion for older people in nursing homes or even to help crowds at large events or parks. Sophia can also mimic social behavior and express feelings of love in humans. Some of Sophia’s siblings are also developed by Hanson Robotics. Some of them are Han, Jules, Bina 48, Alice, Professor Einstein, etc. The company has also developed a bot named Little Sophia, which can teach children to code, including support for programming languages ​​such as Python, Blockley and Raspberry Pi. .

Is Sophia the first humanoid robot?

No, Sophia is not the first humanoid robot. But he is actually an AI-based humanoid robot. Was first developed by Humanoid Robot Ron wensley In 1927. It was named Herbert Televaux. It was developed by a company named Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. It could pick up the receiver to accept telephone calls. And it can only control simple processes by operating switches according to the received signals. The robot did not have the ability to talk, but later learned to say 2 simple sentences. But it had the ability to listen with a sensitive microphone. It can also respond to verbs based on sound and pitch. Theses sonic signals allowed Televox to control the switch and the applications connected to it.

Herbert Televaux

The second bot developed by the company was the Electro Moto-Man in 1937. By many, it was considered the real first humanoid robot. It was built by an engineer named Joseph Barnett and was constructed using aluminum and steel. It was 210 cm long, weighing 120 kg, and was capable of 26 different activities such as walking, talking, counting, and smoking.

Smoking robot electro

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