Step bar analysis using ANSYS software


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Construction of 1D step bar in Ansys

Question: A step bar is made up of two materials as shown in the figure. At the end of the bar 10 kN is subject to axial force. Determine the deflection in each section, stress-induced in both elements, and the reaction force using the Ansys software. The materials used for step bars have modulus of 2 * 10 ^ 5Mpa and 0.7 * 10 ^ 5 MPa respectively. And their areas are 200 mm2 and 180 mm2.

In this blog, we are going to study how to solve any 1D phase bar problem of non-uniform cross-section area using Ansys software and the stresses induced in each element, the reaction force, in the support and in the nodal displacement. Be determined. And the trick to verify whether our analysis is right or wrong. Note: reaction force + applied force = 0

1. ANSYS APDL> Preferences> Structural

2. Preprocessor> Element Type> Add> 3D Finite Stn180> Close

3. Section> Link> Add Section Link with ID-1 – Section Name-A1> Sectional Area-200mm2> Apply

4. Add Section Link with ID-2> Section Name-A2> Sectional Area-180mm2> OK

5. Physical Properties> Material Model> Structural> Linear> Elastic> Isotropic> 2E5MPa

Material> New Model> Linear> Elastic> Isotropic> 1.2E5MPa

6. Modeling> Create Node> In Active CS> Enter Node Numbers -1, X, Y, Z-0, 0, 0> Apply> Node Numbers -1, X, Y, Z-20, 0, 0 Do it > Apply> Enter the node number. -1, x, y, z-80, 0, 0

7. Modeling> Elements> Element Features> Select Material -1,1> Close> Auto Number> Through Nodes> Select Node 1 and 2: OK>

8) Modeling> Elements> Element Attributes> Material -2,2> Close> Auto Number> Through Nodes> Node 1 & 2> Select OK

Load defining

9. Load> Set load> Apply> Structural> Displacement> On node> Select node 1> Select “All DOF”> Displacement value – 0>

10. Load> Set load> Apply> Structural> Force> At node> Load-10000 N> OK

11. Solution> Solution> Current L.S.

12. General Postprocessor> List Results> Nodal Solution

13. General Postprocessor> Element Table> Define Table> Add> Serial Number> Select LS> Enter LS, 1> OK

General Postprocessor> List Results> Element Table Data> Ras, 1> OK

14. General Postprocessor> List Results> Feedback Solution

15. General Postprocessor> Plot Results> Contour Plot> Nodal Solution> DOF Solution> Displacement Vector Sum

16. General Postprocessor> Plot Results> Contour Plot> Line Element Results

ANSYS Results: Nodal displacement

resultant force

resultant force

Element induced stress

Inspired emphasis in an element

Reference book: https: // / ANSYS mechanical-apdl structural analysis-guidepdf-e12262220.html Zip = DocStorage / 6f3fa463-f3eb-451f-9dfb-9d86dc46d338 /

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