Strange facts we have never heard about our body


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Strange facts about human body

The human body is the mysterious thing we ever encounter. Strange phobias, psychiatric disorders, rare diseases, blood types, nerves, and so on. Here we are going to know some facts which we find strange, which we never knew before.


Human brain is Largest of all vertebrates Same size.

Our brain is made up of one part 75% water

Fastest limb There is a brain in our body. It is made up of 80% fat.

Our brain is capable of thinking More thoughts equal to atoms in the universe , Which is terabytes of data

Our brain color is gray Pink veins do not make it like pink color (blood flow).

It is made up of Arabian veins, 50 billion other cells, weighing only 1.5 kg.

Our mind Work on 10 watts of electricity.

Rather die of hunger , Lack of sleep can kill a man .But it takes several weeks.

The brain is the organ that floats on the fluid of the brain (cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)).

Our brain will not feel pain, it just passes the pain nerves.



Tongue is The strongest muscle in the human body

Like the unique finger print,Tongue is also a unique print for every person

Has the longest tongue in the world 10.1 cm Nick Stöberl from Culfornia


Heart sign

Heart can Bleed 1000 times a day

Heart pumping pressure Can pump 30 feet blood(Vohah o)

Other facts:

Finger nails grow four times faster than toenails.

Eye light lasts for 150 days.

Our stomach acid can decompose the razorblade.

The eyeball is a part of the brain.

Our Sneeze departs at a speed of 100 mi / unit(So ​​controlling your sneeze is not good).

Our bodies have salt equivalent to salt in the oceans.

We produce 500 ml of sputum a day. (eek!)

Humans are what we cry when we are depressed.

The lungs are the only organ that floats In the water.

Our Bones are 4 times more than concrete (tough guy !)

Do you know what is the biggest muscle of our body, you are sitting on it (lol).

We renew ourselves every day Losing body cells which is around 1 million => About 2 kg.

Our nose can remember the smell of 50,000, but girls love it, and more colors can vary (of course!) That too. Girls and girls have more taste buds than boys. .

We share 98.4% of DNA with Champion and 70% with Slug: O.

We stay alert 15-20 seconds after our head is cut off

Eyes and hair

Blue eyes and red hair

People with Blue eye and red hair are the rarest combo, It is such a recurring gene so that this combo is thin. Only 1 – 2% of people have this combo.

Will be rare Two different eye colors Due to heterochromia

Different eye

Purple eyes Causes of albinism

Eye is the least common color Green


A drop of water in a glass

Blood type number isn’t 4 it’s actually 29 blood types

The rare type of blood group is Rh.Zero , This is called the golden blood type Only 43 people are found in 50 years.

If you want to know more about strange things, (a really strange thing) can someone be born without a face?

The answer is yes, this is the rarest case among 10,000 people born this way. Click on it to know more about it contact,

Girl born without bone !? Click this link to find out more

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