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Good afternoon to all of you I am Simran Srivas and today I am here to tell you about the team management,
Friends we all know that every management has the ability to recognize problems and resolve conflicts within a team.

:: What is Team Management ??

Now, what is teamwork, so it is the most important question of teamwork and team management, so I will discuss here.
Friends, team management, and teamwork are both the same, so we both do any work that relates to projects, communication, meetings, objective settings, performance evaluation, etc. In this we can do some work with the help of a group Or we can say with the help of management and workers.
Every task becomes easier with the help of a team or workers.

:: Benefits of Team Management-

Here are the advantages:
1. We do tuff work very easily.

  1. Communication should be retrieved with the help of teamwork.
    3. Work that relates to projects, communications, meetings, objective settings, performance evaluation, etc. should be completed.
    4. Teamwork and leadership persists with the help of team management.
    5. Time management is easy for any task where we have to understand our strategy. Communication and understanding.

Disadvantages here:
1. Communication should be strong.
2. A team member has left work that affects all members of a team.
3. Beam members need to keep in mind that they have good communication skills.
4. If there is a problem in the team work, then every member of the team will be struggling with problems.
5. Many problems have come to work such as working for trust issues, comprehension problems, communication problems etc.

Five essential Project management skills

* Communications


* Leadership

* Team work

:: Importance of Team Management-

Team management is very important in every situation so it helps us work very easily, we have to do everything with the help of team management, we can use our communication skills, understanding skills, problems, core important leadership skills, sportsmanship skills and Many more skills that help us recover.

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