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In word every one should cross every stage of his life. And every person in the world should experience every stage of life.

We will experience all the moments from our childhood. But the most important stage of life is “Teenage”.

Adolescence is the most important part of life. This is the time where we build ourselves. There is no phase like adolescent in our life.

This will greatly affect every person. In this phase, we will improve a lot physically and mentally. It is in this stage that we will get different ideas in our life. In teenagers, a big thing in our life is love. Clove will greatly affect a person in Kishore.

It will make a lot of things in our life. It will bring good things and bad things in our lives. And it will let people get closer to us and take people away from us. It will make our life happy and also make our life sad.

Here is the story about a man who made a lot of changes in his life by entering his teens.

There is a person named Soumya. She is from Telangana. And she has a sister who is recently married. She is with her mother and father. He worked very hard to get good marks in his ssc. And he got a seat in a university. He is rgukt basar. He had only one thought about his life. She wanted to become an IAS officer. He started working towards his goal. He had no idea except for his goal. He did not talk to any of the boys in his class. He continued his studies without at least studying anything external.

And he didn’t even think about his friends in college. He only decided to think about his life. And she only thought about her life and family.

His first year had been completed and his second year had begun. And changing people changes time. She had some different ideas that entered her life. She had a new friend who greatly influenced her life. She got a friend from her SSC. She was very happy to see that friend as part of her life. But that friend changed a lot. Slowly she starts thinking about him and forgetting about his goal and family. He spends a lot of time talking to her. She did not find any remains in her first year, but started thinking about her, which she received in her second year. He continued to do so until the third year. In the third year, the effect is immense. He started with her almost a lot of time. She has completely forgotten her dream. And he got two reams in his third year. Even though she is losing everything but she is unable to forget about him.

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