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Suppose you are working in an office, how will you speak? Is it the way you speak with your friends and family? never! It should not happen.

Nowadays participation in our society is very important. The conversation will be with our communication skills and our way of speaking. To know how to deal with others, it became very important to have common sense.

When your phone rings, all it says is – “Hello” okay? If it is a professional call then how does it affect your future?

One should know that a personal call is very different from a professional call. It is very easy to accidentally call a professional call even as a personal call. It is very important to know and regulations when talking on professional calls and personal calls. This business call is the most important for a professional call.

Basic Rules

-> Always try to answer any call within 3 rings.

-> Language should be appropriate while speaking.

-> If you want to put the call on hold, ask permission from whom you are speaking.

-> Ask for permission to use the speaker if necessary.

-> Listen carefully.

-> Do not do unnecessary things.

-> Introduce yourself before starting a conversation

1. Answer within three rings

If you are working in a company or office, and your work is a problem to be answered by answering phone calls and receiving phone calls, then you should answer the phone call as soon as possible. Because the people who are going to call you can be in any problem and they call you to solve your problems and clear your doubts. Your quick response will protect them. So in that case you should be available to answer phone calls within three rings. So that the caller has faith in you and your company. This will bring even more fame to your company.

2. Introduction to each other

In general, we cannot talk to people who are unknown to us. We talk very comfortable with people we already know. So when you are answering a phone call it is very important to know who is the other party. If you already know that there will be no problem and you can go directly to the subject. But if you do not know the people on the other side, then it will be very difficult to understand the subject. The first thing when you answer the phone call, you have to introduce yourself and ask the details of the people of the other party. The way to ask if the details should be in a very polite and requesting manner. Then the person will be making a good impression on you. And it will become very easy to communicate and share things and explain anything over a phone call.

3. Clearly

The way you represent our self will influence other people to define you appropriately. The tone of our voice will define our skills to match each other. Speaking clearly on a phone call is very important. Clear and clean communication will create a strong connection between us and the person. Everyone you speak and express must understand others clearly. Only then can they understand and also share their views. In a telephonic conversation, we will not be physically visible. We can only be judged by our speech. It is very important to speak clearly without any disturbance. The voice of our voice should be polite. It should not be in an aggressive or screaming manner. It will make a lot of impact.

4.Ask allowed to hold

When you are taken in a professional call and you are asked to get some information. What will you do then? Just disconnected the call?

If you do this then it will cause many problems affecting your future. In that case, you have to ask permission from the person on the other side to place the call in a very polite manner. And do so if they only give permission or you can also ask them to call you back. But everything must be done with permission.

5. Meet someone

If you receive a phone call but it is not related to you, what will be your response to them?

Do you just cut the call or ignore the call or scold them for not calling?

When you receive a phone call that is not related to you, it is very important to have common sense. Ask the person they called and tell. If the person they need is in your environment, ask that person to make that call. Or take the message from the person and give it to the desired person.

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