The way you attract dustin


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You will remain what you are;

Allow failure to discover its false content

In that bad word, “environment,”

But the soul crushes it, and is free.

It is mastered in time, it conquers space;

It makes the cows boastful, the Chancellor,

And the tortured perimeter bid

Opening and filling a servant’s place.

Human desire, that force unseen,

Child of a childless soul

Create a path to any goal,

Although granite walls interfere.

Do not be impatient with delay,

But wait for what you understand;

When the soul rises and commands,

The gods are ready to obey.

“Greatness lives with you. First take it first.

You think you feel what you’re doing for Dustini

Once upon a time there was a huge war going on. The soldier was tired of the struggle he was facing in the war, he decided to retreat from it. As he was in sad mode he saw an ant carrying his food as it was trying to carry his food and reaching the destiny that the food was falling down as it reached the destination Was trying to reach. But it tried 72 times and in the last 73rd time it did not reach as a destiny.

The soldier was watching how it was determined and thought that the creature is trying that many times with determination to reach the destiny I am a human being whom God has made me and me a creature Has given more importance than ‘Why should I stop my journey’. He again plunged into battle and engaged in his endeavor and eventually won.

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