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  • Threads are a single sequence stream within a process.
  • This process has some properties so they are called a light process.
  • Those are executed one after the other but give the illusion as if they are executed in parallel.
  • These are not independent of each other as sharing code, data, OS resources.
  • Each thread is
  • PC
  • Set register
  • Stack space

Types of threads


  1. Implemented in a user-level library
  2. Thread switching does not need to call the OS and create a bottleneck for the kernel

Benefits of ULT

  1. This can be implemented on an OS that does not support multithreading
  2. Since the simple representation is the only PC in the thread, register set, stack space
  3. Simple to build since kernel intervention

ULT exemption:

  1. Co-ordination between non-thread and kernel
  2. If a thread causes a page fault, the entire process is blocked

Canal Level Threads (KLT)

  1. The kernel has a thread table and a process table
  2. Slow and inefficient
  3. This requires a thread control block so this is an overhead

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