True friendship – how to be a true friend?


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True friends

We saw how to separate your friends from previous blogs. How to be a true friend now? Would you be aimless? , Will you be true friends? Let’s look at all kinds of questions in this blog

Friendship is an important relationship in which we are Nothing compares to friendship. (I can hear how? I will answer). Everyone has certain expectations or is obliged to exclude love responsibly (yes, it is love and care that I am not rejecting). But friendship is nothing we can get from being loyal (money, status, fame), but some friends are very good like family. I am going to talk How about family (next level of friendship).

Teen Manthara is a true friend

Honesty, loyalty, honesty These three are the life of friendship. Without them there will not be true friendship, we need to build our true friendship on these three strong foundations.

Treat the way you need to be treated. You need to feel comfortable, be genuine, be safe to share feelings, covert. This is what your friend expects of you (like you). The first thing you need is to feel safe and comfortable. If your friend believes in you, he will share his feelings without any fear.

Try to read your friend’s mind, Read their minds through their eyes, even if your friend refuses but she is fine. Go one step closer and say “It’s okay I’m here” (but don’t force them.) * Bingo it will increase the affection level between you (don’t measure this way, just be true to your feelings).

You do not need to roam 24/7 during the day, A healthy friendship requires conversation rather than just fun. Try to have a good Konov with your friend at least twice a month. Distance won’t separate you, Will be your effort. If you have not tried enough to talk with your friend. Your friendship will go away.

Always be your friend All the ups and downs. Do not expect what you need to pay. This will weaken your friend, it’s like forcing them to do what you want. Be happy for your friend’s happiness. Try to understand their words, everyone has their own opinion

Give your friend some private space However, he is your best friend / he needs some space. Fighting and gaining authority over petty things weakens your friendship (understanding is all!). Do not hold grudges.

Don’t try to change your friends, You can give your opinion, guide them. Even though guide them on the bitter truth of it, do not let your feelings be neutral (rational and rational). Do not make fun of their feelings when they share with you (you are ruining the foundation)

Mature friendship

Apart from the three mantras, there are two pillars that support true friendship:

  • to respect,
  • Two-way friendship.

Yes in friendship You need to respect your friend’s choiceOpinion, even if it is not a good opinion. There should be two avenues for friendship, both need to share and listen to each other. It indicates mature friendship (not age)

Years did not describe your friendship, you bond

Are true friends.

  1. BFFs will not praise you, they are the ones who roast you (but not in public).
  2. They say they don’t care about you, but they are not about
  3. They won’t kill around the bush when you need to be guided, they tell the truth even when bitter.
  4. Will not force you to change your opinion, they respect your decisions and support you.
  5. They give you personal space, they will not spy on your personal things, you wait for them to open themselves.
  6. If you are dating the wrong man, they will not force you to break up, they try to explain the situation.
  7. If you are going through a breakup, your BFF is the one that will help you.

How are you true friend

Everyone attracts a certain group of people according to our personality, if you are fake to work with someone it will not work. Try to be real, loyal and honest with all your friends. Surely, you will attract your soul mate. that’s it for today

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