Understanding the value of a true friend


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Story of a true friend

Horror gripped the heart of World War One. In fact he saw his life-long companion falling into battle, caught in a ditch with bullets constantly on his head. The soldier asked the lieutenant, “Can’t I go into a man’s ground among the trenches to bring my fallen friend”. The lieutenant said, “You can go. Still I don’t think it will be worth it. Your partner is probably dead, and why are you throwing away your life ”. The advice of the lieutenants did not matter and the soldiers left anyway. Eventually, he managed to reach his comrade and hit his shoulder and brought him back to his ditch. The two stumbled together at the bottom of the excavation. The officer examined the wounded soldier and looked at the soldier with kindness. He said that he told the soldier that it would not be worth it. He further states that his friend has died and he has been killed. “It was worth it”, the soldier said.

Why friends are important

On the other hand, Drs. APJ Abdul Kalam has rightly said that the best book is equal to hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to hundred good books. One of the most neglected benefits of friendship is that it helps to make our mind and body powerful. In fact, it has helped promote life to people. Recent study Having strong friendships in our lives also helps in promoting brain health. Friends also help us manage stress, make healthy lifestyle choices that keep us healthy, and allow us to get rid of health issues and disease immediately. Friendship is also important for our imaginative health. Person research also recommends spending time with outspoken friends actually changing our outlook for the better. Therefore, please make friends for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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