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  • The Moon makes a revolution about the Earth in 27.3 days
  • Distance of Moon from Earth is about 3.85 * 10 ^ 5 km
  • Newton calculated the acceleration of the moon directed towards Earth as 0.0027 m / s ^ 2

Heliocentric theory

  • Earth and other planets moved in perfect circles around the Sun, located at the center of these circles. This theory was proposed by Copernicus.

Geological theory

  • The Earth is stationary and is at the center of the universe with the Sun, Moon, planets and stars revolving around the Earth. It was proposed by Ptolemy.

Newton’s universal law of gravity (G)

Everyone in the universe attacks every other body with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their mass and universally proportional to the square of the distance between them. The force acts along a line joining two bodies.

Examples of gravity meters

  1. Converted
  2. Oscillator or vibrator
  3. Rotator

Centripetal force

A particle that continuously acts on a particle when initially moving with a linear velocity, it travels along a circular path known as the centrifugal force.

Examples of Centripetal Force

  • The Earth moves around the Sun due to the gravitational force of attraction between them. Here the force of gravity acts as the centripetal force. A uniform gravitational force of attraction provides the necessary focal force for a satellite revolving around a planet.

key points

  1. The basis of Newton’s law of gravitation: Kepler’s law
  2. The force acts on a 400-gram stone: 3.92 N.
  3. G does not depend on body mass

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