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They get: love and people’s love

A short story of father and son : The story takes place between a father and a son.

The father bought a car from his favorite color and brand which was his dream for many years. The night they were excited to buy their favorite car, they did not sleep that night. It is already morning, he wakes up and immediately goes to the car and very lovingly cleanses that even this is a new car.

The son came with joy at seeing his father in the morning and wrote something with a stone on the car, making a heavy sound from hitting the rear of the car with a stone. The father gets angry at seeing his son using a stone and spoiling his new dream car. He beat his son mercilessly and stabbed his son with a stick, bleeding so much to see that the parents took his son to the hospital.

One day, the son told his father. “Dad is coloring my hands” and asked his father what he wrote in the car. The father saw his son’s writing on the car with stone and he was surprised to see it and regretted it.

Little boy wrote ” I love you dad”.

From this we can learn a great way that affects our lives. We should love people, not things. Many of them are loving things and using people. But this was completely wrong.

Let’s love people and use things.

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