Using a visual tool for innovation in agriculture


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Challenge and Selection:

Visualization is the tool that allows you to think about how your problem solving will work in a real environment. So, the tool of visualization selected to define and solve the problem. The approach of the straw-man proposal means a sample draft proposal aimed at the design and development of automated farming equipment for sowing and to encourage and uplift farmers with a discussion of its disadvantages. I tried to provoke them with the title of a campaign and adopted the new idea, drawing the collected data to get a clear idea of ​​the new approach to agriculture.


Before moving towards the problem, a few questions for the farmers were explored. And surveyed areas to collect data about traditional types of equipment used by farmers. With the questionnaire, I took photographs and illustrated the data collected with the help of various colors and using stickman diagrams. Farmers are suffering a lot due to the use of traditional methods. They are spending around 3000INR per hectare on laborers only. It is observed that labor is not working equally and efficiently which in turn hurts the farmer.

If farmers adopted a new innovative method of farming for sowing seeds, they could save half the amount in every sowing, plus our team worked on the provision of spraying pesticides after sowing each seed. This is a one-time investment and will work for years. To do this activity I have developed an idea to gather the farmer and inform them how they should apply the modern approach, using tools to sow seeds. How will they make more profit using our technology? I have the idea of ​​a prototype and working on it and explaining them with the help of a picture will do a lot of work. First do the activity for 4-5 farmers.

Insight and visualization tool approach:

What I have learned by performing the tool is that graphic / illustrated information is more verbally understandable than providing information. With the help of such an approach and use of equipment, farmers can enhance their current status and become self-reliant and take their share on the market. Also, come they have different problems and this one happens
The solution can identify one. Therefore, I realized that the most valuable aspect is shared insight and learning, next time I will use the visualization activity as the focal point for a series of design thinking activities.

Then the modified graphic that incorporates their combined response can serve as a reference tool during the rest of the work.

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