Virginity – a traditional myth!


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Controversial topics on virginity

Do you know how expensive Virgin is again! It is a painful, prosthetic treatment that costs INR 50,000 to INR 70,000. You might wonder why we need to spend hymen and repair (I’ll tell you what that is) if it’s about to break down again. Yes, here we are going to see why all women are trying to be virgins and what is the reason behind it.

What is “virginity”?

In reality virginity has nothing to do with genitals, initially virginity means

A woman who is not bound to anything, not independent, not married, not having men, so completely both physically and mentally on her own

But it turned into a weapon by women Sensual. Therefore nowadays virginity mentions genitals, purity, character, purity (like ghee!). So now see the picture below

Black and white frame used for illustration virgins

Within the black frame, we cannot find anything right about what virginity looks like, yes virginity will be judged to be that of a girl. Hymen is a thin tissue It is partially closing the entrance to the vagina. I asked you to see the above image because No one can see or understand the presence of hymen Even doctors.

There is a myth that if a woman sheds blood for the first time after she is a virgin, but it is not,

  • Some of the women Born without a hymen.
  • The hymen is thin and Easily breakable tissue It will be broken by horse riding, sports activities.
  • And in some cases, women Won’t bleed Even if he has a hymen.
  • Tampons (menstrual use), and hymen will break when used by some toys Insert.

So now we know that hymen is called virginity for a woman. (Ah! Virginity is not required to specify the right only for the woman!).

Women worry!

Like men, women are equally seen with virginity. Recently women have been going to the doctors to find out if “hymen will grow naturally”, “can find their partner, that she is not a virgin”. See if the women are going to the wedding, then worried about virginity, stunned. The mother is also educating the hymen like her child (our family image is in your hands) so never have sex.

other than this, Believes religious(Special religion cuz not all religions believe that sex is a sin), make them feel guilty or regret after the first time. One of the lectures will preserve it for your future husband. up 70 percent of women are not virgins Before their marriage but they lie to their partner (still no need!).

There are reasons for woman’s concern, men only want virgin brides. A woman’s character rests on her hymen (completely unreliable). The pride, image, status of women’s families is all based on lies: ‘D, women save them for the first time as a gift for their husband. This is why Hymen Reconstruction is an expensive and well-earned area.

18 again!

This is an 80s advertisement for Hymen reconstruction, saying after the intercourse

  • The vagina becomes loose,
  • Dry,
  • And the partner will not like it,
  • A woman will lack her confidence

They are daring to publish it. At that time only 1 percent of women are willing to get under the knife to recreate their hymen for their partner. But now most women are willing to undergo painful and artificial treatment, which is tiring.

For artificial hymen, doctors will see if there are broken hymen tissue to stretch and stitch. And they will Insert biomaterial tissue Which will act like a virgin vagina. Treatment is painful and not recommended by doctors but still, women are willing to do it.

(Note for women: Women do not do this, if your man does not accept this, then you need to repair your brain and not your vagina)

True reasons to be virgin

In ancient times, virginity is considered a woman’s chastity, character. Because there are no birth control pills and there is no cure for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). So they used this reason to prevent these tragedies but later the sensual and narrow-minded people changed the facts. Although there are technology and precautions for everyone, they revolve around the tradition, attacking him verbally.

Now come to the important subject, here comes the views of men:

Men’s virginity fetish

Virginity is a very personal decision, but men become so insecure when it comes to sex. Some men of FACTS will explain virginity:

  • If a woman is not a virgin, she does not have self-control, she is a sl * t (for a derogatory term (but this is reality)
    • But men who are virgins will be embarrassed and will be encouraged to gain experience
    • No need to compare self-control and character (cuz they are men)
    • They will not face the consequences that women face
  • A man who made a comment about virginity (which is really annoying)
    • “Can you buy a soda, then how can I marry a woman who is not a virgin”
    • This comment was later removed from controversy and protests.
  • Men who have virgin embryos do not need solmate They want a product
    • They need to keep the property themselves.
    • They don’t need damaged goods.
  • They are very insecure
    • If a woman had experienced that if she compared her past
    • What if that’s not good enough
    • Their pride and ego will hurt
    • So they need fresh and inexperienced products.
  • Women who lose their hymen by raping are considered “damaged goods” or “neglected products” You can see the details of the Pollachi incident
    • One of the disturbing comments is “So from now on we cannot marry a girl from Pollachi” indicating that the girls are serious (seriously they need counseling).
  • They think sex is pure, penis-vaginal insertion or Vaginal penis insertion And this is Losing your virginity is not counted as(Basically something is wrong with these men)
  • And the most important weapon, their Character, personality will be questioned.

And finally the request to both men and women:

Virginity is not just about the physical. If you really love your mentor, the symptoms you want to consider

  • Allegiance
  • Honesty
  • true love
  • Maturity
  • understand
  • Good contract

But ignoring these key traits and running after your ego will not help Gaurav. If they can’t accept your past (past is the thing that made you a better person) then they won’t accept your present, just ignore and move on.

And girls who value tissue simply do not love themselves. Have pity on yourself One who is not troubled by these things is a true gem. And that’s it for today.

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