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Woman’s decision on sex needs to be respected

“What were you doing alone at night? “,” You didn’t fight back? “,” What did you wear? “These are the questions asked by the so-called well wishers of the victims. 91 rapes are reported daily, A rape is happening every 15 minutes. But still, society is blaming victims like helping rapists, encouraging them. In this blog, I am trying to explain these three questions and the trauma of the victims after the attack. let’s get started!

Fair society

Society is so biased, but when it comes to sex, it is very biased, converting rape into orthodox sex. Yes, when a girl is alone at night or wears jeans (much more attractive!), Skirts (blamed for wearing jeans). Wearing jeans, skirts is banned in some extreme situations. Yes, women are not allowed to roam outside in Haryana if there is no significant “work” (so if we say we have important work then rapists will not rape! Interesting!). They blame women (girls) for smiling at men (boys), men are friends (cuz these are like seducing men). If they violate these conditions, they are considered a “fallen woman”. If you do not believe me then watch the video below but take care if you do not behave badly then do not watch the video (I do not have that I have even tried to destroy the laptop)

Haryana is one of the states in India where rape is consent!

Summary of this video: In this video, not a single soul is supporting the victims, they cannot say clap with one hand, so women are also convicted of rape. Why are they wearing jeans! So they are inviting men to have sex. There are a certain type of rules for girls for everyone from old men to young people:

Theory of men

  • Women Slang has male friends.
  • Women cannot roam alone.
  • If women over 14 are forced (they are women!) That is not considered rape (this has rid me of hell).
  • Women dress code is important.
  • She Cant smile On men.
  • She needs to get married at the age of 16 so that she doesn’t “invite” men to “rape” her (ufff!).

These “principles” are followed not only by old, but also young boys. They thought this way, they got into a situation where women are weak, cannot decide on their own, they need to depend on men for all. If he is raped, he is convicted and forced to marry the men who raped him.

If we look closely, it does not seem that logical people came here who are ego-centered and selfish people. They need psychological training to overcome this disease (Narcissist!). Even women who believe and follow it (I don’t know what to tell) need treatment. Now ask if she is “Invited” to rapeThe

Does it feel rape!

Consider this question in four categories:

  • Teenager raped
  • A woman is being raped.
  • Marital rape
  • A baby girl is being raped (apparently months old).

A woman is being raped

First i will tell What is RAPE, Rape is forcing each other through sexual intercourse or other means of sexual intercourse without their consent, including injuring, using violence, blackmailing, using authority (power) while unconscious Goes, and it goes away.

If she is raped with the consent of a woman,

First injury physically.

  1. He is pinned and weighed under a man,
  2. Violently killing him
  3. Slapping and beating him until he struggles
  4. If she is not, she will be tied (Bondage).
  5. Bruises, swollen, torn, or cut his skin, bitten, broken teeth.
  6. His genitals will be injured by gang-rape or any metal insertion (of some kind). Erotic)
    1. 1 her vagina, cervix, and anus
    2. Then her breast, nipple, mouth
    3. Base.

If this is gang rape (a group of forcing a man on a woman) then this is the Andles Hell (I don’t have the heart to explain)

Emotional shock

For those wondering why you didn’t shout or shout or run out of the room? Here is the answer

The woman needs many years to overcome this event, whoever reminds her of the incident will trigger it. (So ​​please try to understand the victims).

When a person is suddenly pinned by a well-built person, We blackout. We have an important structure in fear communication of the brain – it will send a signal to stabilize the body. And this will happen involuntarily and we are not responsible for it.

Eyes widen, pupils will wear out, you can hear more accurately, Our adrenaline will be in peak (flight or fight mode). But we cannot fight or fly. Consider us a lion or a tiger. We will stop thinking that we stop breathing even for a moment, this is similar to the statement of rape victims after rape. The survivors say that I think “I’m going to die”, “I’m going to be seriously injured”.

Solidify There is a brain-based response to threat detection. We cannot speak, move, or shout. The body becomes stiff, the hands may become numb. In some cases, people may collapse (the brain can no longer function, lack of oxygen). Some people may feel dissatisfied, feeling disconnected like “What’s going on?” “What just happened?” Why is commando training? We can just go to war and fight right? We knew that we needed to practice, we needed training and we would do so during rape. So do not blame the victims (who attack themselves), even you cannot control what is happening at that time.

If an independent woman is suffering like this, think Marital rape, Men feel that they own the body of women so they can do anything. But the sad truth is that women cannot tell anything outside. If it Teenager or child Both will face a trauma that cannot be erased from their memory, fear of men, fear of sex.

Now let’s get to the main topic, if a woman can “invite” a man to “rape” her, if there is too much trouble here. It’s just An excuse for men To fool Men who are supporting it cannot control their lust, so they are manipulating traditional and culture Rape culture.

Child abuse increased 350 times in recent years, jumping high between 2015 and 2016. Like girls from poor backgrounds, the rapist stares at the vulnerable victim, blackmailing a child who doesn’t know anything about sex, saying she will be ashamed.

Rabbit animals “. Even they (so generously) offer to marry the girl he raped! So please support the girls and their family, they need you when they are weak.” it is us Warrior’s Girls.

Next question: What were you doing at night alone? .. seriously you are irresponsible towards girls, women, even children. You are just making a lame excuse for your sin. Hence There is no harm in walking alone late at night .

The last question what did you wear to the rapist, the diaper said, yes that was raped 6 month old baby wearing diaper, So it shows when the child shows that his bare-bodied men are tempted (he lures her into a yes!)

From all perspective and analysis it is clear that the one to be convicted is a male, why a woman did not rape when a male is naked or semi-naked. Women are also humans if a woman can control her emotions but men (thought by superior, sensual) Can’t control your lust towards a 6 month old baby. Seriously pls educate men in your childhood to get rid of this mental illness.

Most of us do not know what will happen after the police report a rape case. So those who want justice after the alleged warriors will be sent to the hospital to collect evidence against the rapists.

Rape Kit Stored Data
Rape kit data stored

It needs to be collected within 98 hours of the attack, they will collect a less aggressive collection as before

  • Swollen Mouth
  • Getting under the nails
  • Hair
  • Fiber samples

In the end they will collect the most intrusive evidence

  • Pictures of any injuries
  • Swollen genitals and anal areas

Which would be extremely uncomfortable for the warriors, but it is worth the girls. It will be stored in a package and must be stored within 72 hours and the data will have to be updated.


Pedophiles are more dangerous than rapists if they are repeated again if they are not punished but rape will reduce if we severe the punishment but not in India. There are many flaws like rape culture, communal society, not reporting rape, it will encourage him more as he can easily escape.

So instead of punishing these people need mental treatment, they are sick, not criminal. So by treating them we can reduce rapes. And importantly it is important to teach during school days rather than to teach sex education and gender equality “Meera Go Round”. that’s it for today! If you like the stock pls 😉

For more information about rape warriors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es2lmv_wJnY , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osPSueUoqbw

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