Water and tips for conserving it.


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As we were having our breakfast today, there was a sudden power cut in the area. The basic concern was that there was no water stored in the tank for the rest of the day.
And then I thought that we cannot even imagine our life without water. And do you guys know that there is about ~ 3% fresh water in the world for our use, 97% of the rest is present in the world and is salty? So here are some ways we can conserve water and stop it. Many countries have planned and implemented water containment.
So, let’s look at some points we can use as Cape Town has taken a water restriction step.

Flush only when necessary. Avoid using it like dustbin.
“If it’s yellow, then let it lighten, if it’s brown, knock it down”.

Take a two-minute shower.
Up to 15 liters of water / minute can be spent as a nonwater saver shower head.

We can also collect our bath bath or basin water in a tub or bucket and use it for flush toilet or gardening or cleaning purposes.

Instead of keeping food in the fridge, wash it in running tap water.

We can use mugs / cups when shaving our teeth or. This way we will not keep our taps on.

Close the switch when the water tank is full.

Choose water efficient equipment. The more stars the more water efficient. Especially for the washing machine.

And most importantly, plant trees. This will not only benefit our environment, but they also help in holding ground water and also prevent soil erosion.

We know that we have been hearing about water conservation since childhood. But how many times and how many of you have actually applied towards conserving water.

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