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Good afternoon to all of you i am simran shrivas and today i will discuss about web designing .

we all know that web designing is so important in today generation hence we can do website development, android studio, making websites, software, applications, etc

Friends we can achieve higher technology with the help of web design. For this we can make app ,software,jarvis,websites,making link etc.


From 1988 to 2001 from 1991 to 2003 the world wide web born.working at CERN Tim Berners-Lee proposed to create a global hypertext project, which later became known as the World wide web.

In 1996, Microsoft released its first competitive browser, which was complete with its own features and HTML tags.


it becomes a larger part now a day .so we couldn’t live without the internet .with the help of the internet we can do our work easy .with the help of this we do graphics, different styles of typography, background, and music.

##what is web design

web designing is used for making websites and displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience. Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. 

##Good career

in our generation 63% of people make a career in web designing, web designers who have knowledge in multiple programming languages and digital tools have the best opportunities for advancement and obtain the highest levels of job security.

##is web design is easy??or hard??

web design is so easy as well as hard it only depends upon the person how we learn .we learn web design with the help of online courses as well as offline courses many institutes do the job for learning a course of web designing.


most of the company for web design is infosys.

infosys is very raw company and in india as well as abroad there is so much scope in infosys .

*company examples*

  • Neon Rain Interactive. Experienced web developers.
  • Isadora Agency. A leader in Web and Digital Transformations.
  • The Creative Momentum. An Amazing Digital Experience.
  • Beardo. Top Rated Web Design Team
  • Blue Fountain Media.
  • Bop Design.
  • Capital Numbers.

##what we learn

we learn css , javascript , bootstamp , html , python , c++ , c## , web development , web designing etcs.


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