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What is web engineering?

Due to various technical advancement and changes in web based applications certain new methods needs to be introduced. Web engineering goal is to develop new methods and technologies to foster the web applications with the growing complex environment.

Web engineering most asked questions

(1) Difference between internet and world wide web ?

  • Internet is a network of network connecting billion of computers and other peripherals around the world. Whereas, world wide web is a collection of information.
  • World wide web uses hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) to access the information via internet.
  • Internet can be considered as a library and books with information within that library is world wide web.
  • Library is basically an infrastructure and books are the services that are used to gain information.

(2) What is a protocol ?

Protocol is a set of rules that helps in achieving secure, easy and reliable end to end communication between two parties.

(3) Categories of web applications ?

  • Document Centric
  • Interactive
  • Transactional
  • Workflow based
  • Collaborative
  • Ubiquitous
  • Semantic web
  • Social web
  • Portal oriented

(4) Characteristics of web application development

  1. Application related characteristics
    1. Content
    2. Hypertext
    3. Presentation
  2. Usage related characteristics
    1. Natural context
    2. Unpredictable technical infrastructure
    3. Diversity and magnitude of user base
  3. Development related characteristics
    1. Development team
    2. Development environment
    3. Legacy integration
    4. Process
  4. Evolution related characteristics

(4) Difference between software engineering and web engineering

Software engineering uses computer programming to solve complex problems and manages the teams of developers working together within constraints like time and budget.

Web engineering uses software engineering. It is basically a subset of software engineering. In simple words:

  • Software engineering is building 6 tier wedding cake from the raw ingredients up.
  • Whereas, web engineering is buying a sponge cake from the store and putting some icing on.

(5) TCS/IP reference model ?

  • TCP/IP is the first set of protocols used in internet. It allows computers to communicate and share resources over a network
  • In 1978 ISO proposed a 7 layer reference model known as OSI (Open Systems Interconnection). TCP does not strictly follows this 7 layer OSI model.
  • TCP/IP uses a simplified 4 layer model.
    • Data link layer (Data link layer + Physical layer): This layer is responsible for the transmission of frames over the link
    • Network layer: This is responsible for packet delivery/routing of the packets across internet
    • Transport layer: This layer is responsible for end to end message transfer.
    • Application layer: Any program which run on top of these layers.

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