What’s New in Chrome OS 87 Update


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A quick look at what’s new in the Chrome OS update

Source: Google

Today, we take a look at what’s new Chrome os 87 update. After a major desktop release about 2 weeks ago, Google has started rolling out Chrome OS 87.

what’s new ?

There are a bunch of useful and enhanced functionality with this update, however, these will be released in the coming days.

Therefore, one of the first things users notice Tab group.

This feature helps users manage their open tabs better, although this does not mean that it will reduce the number of tabs.

Therefore, Google has introduced something called tab search, allowing users to find any open page in all open windows.

Find the tab button.

The first feature is to roll to the Chromebook before releasing the desktop version.

Users will see a circular dropdown button in the top-right corner or they can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A. This will show users a list of everything open.

Including the page name, domain and favicon, as well as a personal close button.

Chrome OS 87 will now show the battery level of all Bluetooth accessories in Settings and Quick Settings. Just head for the Bluetooth menu. This feature is mainly aimed at wireless headsets, as it will show the current level of battery in the lower-right corner of the screen.

New Bluetooth Assistant menu in Chrome OS 87.

Last but not least, Google is also releasing new wallpapers in this update. Chrome OS 87 will feature 36 new backgrounds by four different artists.

other features…

  • Google Drive has the ability to rename files and, select the folder to save it.
  • Now switch accessibility devices supported by Chrome OS
  • Multilingual users will find it easier to navigate the language settings
  • Alt + Tab window now supports mouse, stylus input and touch screen
  • Visual fixes on renaming virtual disk and launcher folders

This is a quick look at all the new features being included in Chrome OS 87. Please see geeksforjobs for more guides and technical updates.

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