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In the old days, people used to send letters to spread their message. As time passed, revolution took place. Letters changed to mail. But people did not stop their research to make the communication field easier and faster. They continued, later, many apps came into existence. Something with its unique features in it. The most widely used application is “WhatsApp”. Whatsapp has become one global network.

How did Whatsapp change our life?

This application has changed the lives of people. People started making their debut on one-on-one communication. Using it for business purpose, foreign communication at fingertips. WhatsApp introduced emojis, various stickers, voice calls and video-calling. But is this enough for today’s global world? Of course, no, we are always ready to do something unique other than just chat and send files. So, is there any way to have fun with this application? Modify? Try to implement new features? Change Application Icon? The answer to all statements of this problem is “Yes”.

What is a WhatsApp Plus application?

WhatsApp Plus is one of all solutions. It is a way to get all the features inherent within a single click. WhatsApp Plus is similar to WhatsApp. It has some additional loaded specifications. It serves to give you all the features you need. Using traditional themes can be boring. But in WhatsApp Plus, users get the option to try over More than 700 themes. You can customize the theme. And can load accordingly. WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular modded app version. It is not necessary to root your device to install this app. Malware-free and any abuse reported is a former alternative to WhatsApp Plus.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • Blue tick Which appears when the receiver reads that your message can be customized. Whether or not to see the popup is your decision.
  • Users can send their messages privately in a group.
  • You can set the priority to like it.
  • There is no size limit for the video files you send.
  • The lack of status time is overcome by this. So, you can load your status in hazel free.
  • There is no need for frequent app updates. You are ready to install after the update is released. If you do not want to install it, it is your choice.
  • You have complete freedom to choose your pop-up.
  • Some persistent chat messages can be set to auto-reply. This can save you time as well as free to avoid the same messages over and over again.
  • This application belongs to the antigen community. There is no need to worry about the tracker.
  • The user has the right to send the image of the quality he wants.
  • No root is required for the app. It is safe to install
  • You can try more than 700 topics.
  • Allows you to sort the message by the latest or oldest and some loved ones.
  • The video can be played in any media player you want.
  • The option Delete for All is removed from the sender’s end.
  • WhatsApp Plus users can also view deleted messages.
  • Tired of using the same icon, if yes then go to customize WhatsApp Plus.
  • Various payment modes are available to conduct secure transactions
  • Switch on with multiple WhatsApp accounts Same android device.

Now go for it. go to https://gbapps.net/ Click on the page to go to the download page Download WhatsApp Plus APK The icon. Your download will begin. Start searching for the new version of WhatsApp. It’s free and start your own search.

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