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Is it possible to hear heartbeat, blood flow and bone speed? Without the use of any instrument like stethoscope, a little surprised about the world’s quietest room, then start reading this interesting blog about the world’s quietest place

World's quietest room

Microsoft Office

The world’s quietest room at Microsoft’s headquarters was located in Redmond, Washington. It is also called an anoheic chamber. It lacks the ability to produce resonance in all.

World record

It is recorded as the most peaceful place in the world in the 2015 Guinness World Record.

World record


The building is constructed on the basis of the size of the concrete onion. To separate it from the rest of the building and the outside world.


The room was constructed with six layers of concrete and steels. The ground itself has a grid of sound with suspended cable.

Fiberglass walls are mounted on the wall, floor and ceiling to break sound waves. To keep it from bouncing back from the walls.

It took a year and a half to design, plan, and construct the anicotic room. And it has the lowest limit by mathematicians.

freaky stuff:

When a stranger enters the room, he may feel awkward about his presence in that room.

Microsoft weird stuff

air pressure :

Outside that room there is always air pressure inside our ears, even if in a noisy environment. But inside this room, this pressure drops and there is no possibility of reflection of sound.


Even at the level of that minimum threshold, a normal human heartbeat can hear blood flow. And it is very likely to hear the noise of grinding bones while walking.


The noise level measured inside this room is -20.3dBA. This is 20.3db lower than the human hearing limit. In such a situation, walking at that level is also a courageous thing for most of us.


There are hundreds and hundreds of requests from Microsoft to come into the room publicly. But they are very strict on allowing people inside the room. Probably a small number of people visited the room.

Dare to live:

The longest time of a human being inside a room is just 55 minutes. And so many people leave after just a few seconds.


Microsoft is using this room to test their audio equipment such as microphones, receivers, headphones, Xbox gaming consoles, HoloLens VR goggles.


Those wishing to go to the world’s quietest room have a similar place to hang out. It is named as the Orfield Lab in Minneapolis. Which has been opened for public travel.


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